Claire Grindey Art & Design excels at initiating and delivering creative ideas. With a proven track record of building and developing UK and international networks, we can tailor unique events, or create arts branding and content for specialist arts projects:

  • Creative and innovative branding across arts, property and culture
  • Initiating & accelerating creative Ideas
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Tailoring events, from concept to management
  • Building and developing UK and International networks
  • Content and creative direction
  • Marketing & communications
  • Digital representation with social media
  • Project management
  • Market research
  • Philanthropy and legacy

With experience working in Europe, and with international projects setting up in the UK, we can source both private residences and commercial space, and design a concept for your space, or create an elegant interior with our fine art and antique sourcing services:

  • Property sourcing
  • Project management
  • Setting up office / EU liaison office
  • Designing interiors and curating space
  • Branding and concept
  • Styling & dressing
  • Photography
  • Refurbishment
  • Furniture rental
  • Commercial presentation of space

Our independent valuations and advisory services are grounded in the ethics and code of conduct of RICS professional standards:

  • Art advisory and sourcing
  • RICS professional market-standard valuations
  • Selling and collection strategy
  • Private client services of collection management
  • Cataloguing for trade or private
  • Research and independent market analysis
  • Commissions and gifts
  • Jewellery services – bespoke, engagement, wedding

We create visual campaigns and strategic partnerships for sponsorship and branding projects:

  • Sponsorship and branding solutions
  • Building brand engagement
  • Securing successful partnerships
  • Commercial rights
  • Talent management: developing and managing artist’s strategy


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